About us

The Reason Why

First things first. Thank you for visiting Watch Boundary! What a pleasure to have you, please make yourself at home. Also, feel free to come back at any time!

Watch Boundary is an independently run website, here for you. Genuinely.
A comparison site of sorts, a place of discovery, gift hunting or procrastination. For whatever, whichever reason you’re here, the goal is to help you.

As a watch lover myself, I find it fascinating to explore, which is what really created this website. To put names/brands out there that people might not have heard of – to change the opinions of the ones they have, also to give insight and knowledge.

We live in a very wrapped up world, where smartphones are now the source of – literally everything. For me, a watch can’t be replaced. It’s genuine, beautiful and downright practical! It’s the pen to paper.

As you might have already guessed – I’m linked up to Amazon: by clicking on the image of the watch, or the hyperlink underneath it – it’ll take you straight to the watch I’m talking about, because who wants fuss finding that exact one again. So hopefully that will take out some of the legwork for you all.

But Who?

Here at Watch Boundary it’s a one-man band (ish! – I have a little technical help here and there!), so replies to your queries, questions or suggestions – may be a little slow, but I promise to get around to them as soon as possible. Within 2 workings days is the goal!

Growing up within the beautiful countryside of the UK. I spent a lot of time on the farm, surrounded by animals, and less around technology. So, I would hazard a guess this is where my passion stems from. Less about the techno-junk and more about the real-time funk. (But don’t get me wrong I have a smartphone and I love it very very dearly, I just feel a watch is just as important. Especially if you’re all about ‘making a statement’)

Still darting from the countryside to the beach in little lovely England, my eye for the more beautiful things hasn’t faded. A watch isn’t just to tell the time, it’s a piece of modern art, a continually moving subtlety that helps us out with everyday life. A jewel for the wrist – they’re as much timepieces as they are accessories, removable and replaceable. Just with a little bit more character.