Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be featured in the links section of your site?

To be featured here you need to fit some criteria, which is listed here.


Why am I taken to Amazon when I click for more information?
You are taken to Amazon because we don’t have the necessary resources in place to be able to deal with orders effectively and efficiently – so for the meantime we are directing you to somewhere that does!


Can I return my items directly to you?

We hope that you won’t have to return anything – but for the meantime, as we don’t have the necessary resources for you to order directly form us, we aren’t able to take and sort out returns you may have.


Can I buy my items from you?

Not currently, we hope to be in a position soon where you are able to sell directly to you in a few


Can my watch brand be featured on your page?

We don’t have a one-size fits all answer here – it really depends on the brand! So To find out, just give us a message using this form, and we will let you know in due time!